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Creating Access. Transforming Lives.

Enhance your reading and writing comprehension skills to achieve economic independence.

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What is Our Impact?

No diploma? No problem. Learning English? No problem. If you’re struggling with reading and writing comprehension, we’ve got you! Join our list of graduates who passed their GED exams and enrolled in college.

Our signature Multisensory Learning Framework is your ticket to success. Move from learning new literacy skills to earning higher wages in just 12 short weeks.

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Flexible Schedules

Work shouldn't hinder learning. Day or night classes and 24/7 access to lectures mean you never miss vital information.

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No Residency Restrictions

Where you live should not matter. Don’t pay ridiculous out-of-district fees or get hassled because of your zip code.

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Private Tutoring

We offer privacy options for those who are reluctant to learn in an open classroom setting due to fear or embarrassment.

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Anytime, Anywhere Learning

Why Choose Us?

Allen Multisensory Learning Framework

Our multisensory learning framework caters to diverse learning styles by incorporating touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound stimulation. Sensory activities keep learners engaged and motivated after a long day of work and family obligations.

Interactive e-Learning Platform

Our comprehensive e-learning platform offers multiple practices with feedback (but no penalties for mistakes) reducing anxiety. Ensure success with adaptive lessons, gamification, and progress tracking. Log in anytime and anywhere.

Online Courses & Programs

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Adult Literacy

  • Contemporary Adult Literacy – Our signature 12-week, small-group program incorporates live instruction, sensory activities, gamified lessons, multiple practices, and mental health resources to improve reading and writing comprehension skills.
  • Personalized Tutoring – Our 10-week, one-to-one program customizes learning paths to prepare for exams like GED, STAAR, or Accuplacer (TSI).
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Creative Literacy

  • Creative Shorts w/ A.I. – Our 6-week course to conceptualize, draft, and self-publish a creative short story in paperback for Amazon KDP.
  • Creating A.I. Generated Images – Our 90 min. class to dive deep into the world of AI artistry and discover how to craft stunning, stylistic images effortlessly using different AI tools.

Government & Business Services

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Workplace Literacy

Empower employee performance with our customized training and development courses designed to enhance workplace literacy. Essential topics include safety, compliance, upskilling, and English language/communication skills. Reduce accidents, improve customer satisfaction, and increase revenue.

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Instructional Design

Course Development

Curriculum Development

About Us

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I am a literacy expert with 18 years of teaching experience in pre-English at the college and university levels. And, I’m passionate about creating engaging, accessible, and learner-centric curricula. My work in the field of education has been recognized twice in “Who’s Who in Community Colleges.” Throughout my career, I have held various roles including Director of Information Technology, Curriculum Director, Reading Department Chair, Online Learning Experience Designer, and Professor. Having served as an Academic Advisor and TRIO Tutor, I help students balance their passion with their profession.

Moreover, I have developed and project-managed more than 1000 courses, training programs, and digital solutions over a variety of topics for government, corporate, and higher education. I also facilitate technology workshops for staff, faculty, and students.

In my free time, I enjoy reading, writing, and creating art.

Shaunte Allen, M.Ed., CLDP

Founder / Chief Executive Officer

Our Story

Allen Learnimy LLC was founded in 2021 to address the critical need for adults struggling with reading and writing comprehension. Professor Allen wanted to make literacy accessible and fun for working adults who desired economic independence. She realized her face-to-face college students needed additional practice with comprehension exercises. However, they couldn’t stay after class for tutoring because they worked all evening and cared for their families at night. Tutoring over email or the telephone just wasn’t working. So, she created an online literacy program that integrates gamified elements engaging all 5 senses while providing multiple practice activities for continuous support.

Our Mission

Creating economic independence through adult literacy.

Our Vision

Becoming a trailblazer in game-based adult literacy education.


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New Book

For college-bound students feeling lost and overwhelmed, “Beyond the Degree” offers a transformative, 10-week journey of self-discovery to gain clarity by aligning your passion to your profession. Download FREE sample Vision Board.

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Etsy Shop

Elevate your daily priorities with our 8x6 Get Sh*t Done sticky notepad featuring empowering literacy affirmations. Compact and inspirational, it’s the perfect companion for your office or school. Download FREE sample NotePad.

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Events & News

Youth Health Awareness Day

04-06-24 at 11:00am Nash Davis Recreation Center

Side Hustle 101: Creating AI-Generated Images for Profit

03-28-24 at 11:00am

Got Questions?

These questions help individuals assess the suitability, quality, and compatibility of an online adult literacy program with their needs and goals.

1. What is the cost of the program? Are there any hidden fees?

To ensure transparency, the course/program fee is all-inclusive and will be clearly indicated both online and on the interest form.

2. Is the program accredited or certified?

The accreditation process has not been completed at this time.

3. What is the curriculum and teaching approach?

The program utilizes modern technology and data, including adaptive learning algorithms and gamification, to provide an engaging and personalized learning experience for adults who face difficulties learning. It employs a transformational learning approach, a scenario-based framework, and a metacognitive framework. The program focuses on enhancing reading comprehension and writing comprehension skills at the college level.

4. Are there flexible scheduling options to accommodate my work and family commitments?

Classes are held on both weekdays and weekends. If a learner misses a class or wishes to review it, lectures are recorded for replay. This allows learners to have access to the necessary material and study at their own pace.

5. What are the qualifications and experience of the instructors?

Instructors hold either a master’s degree or a Ph.D. with 10+ years of teaching experience.

6. Do you offer personalized assessments to determine the current skill level of learners?

Before the class begins, learners will take a pre-diagnostic test to assess their current Lexile level. After the end of class, a post-diagnostic test will be taken to determine any improvement in their Lexile level.

7. Are there resources for learners with different learning styles and needs?

The lesson includes built-in support. If learners need additional assistance, tutoring is available as well.

8. How long does it typically take to complete the program?

The duration of our signature Contemporary Adult Literacy program is 10 to 12 weeks.

9. Are there opportunities for interaction with instructors or other learners?

In order to have discussions with classmates, learners will need to choose to participate in the open discussion group. We take privacy concerns seriously and want to respect each learner’s choice. You can speak with the instructor any time during class or private office hours.

10. What are the technical requirements?

You will need a computer, internet service, a webcam, file storage, paper, a folder, and a pen or pencil. All assignments will be completed in the learning portal.

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